Despite the difficulties faced this year, we at Inventolab were able to continue our activities: from the events with schools to our meetings everything happened telematically. That’s why we chose “Resilience” as the word of the year, which represents the ability to adapt to change and overcome difficulties. Nonetheless the distance our projects have been successful among the students and this has led Invento Lab to win the award by B Lab Europe as Best Collaborator 2020 in recognition of our work in establishing and running the B Corp Schools Initiative.


The project B Corp School, involving schools and companies B Corp, aims to educate young people about the world B Corp, through the creation of businesses and start-ups that reflect the values of the Corporation. Therefore, the students get in touch with entrepreneurship oriented towards environmental and social sustainability. Throughout the experience, students are attended by the members of our team, following an educational and training path. These programs allow students, giving them the opportunity to get involved, to develop and know their skills.


Throughout this year, the restrictions have not prevented us from acting, in fact through the Changemaker Competition we have covered various topics, such as: plastic-free, women’s businesses and STEM, 3D printing, sustainable tourism and carbon footprint. Only between the months of May and June were challenged in videocall 14 classes from middle and High schools, which had to create scalar, technological and circular projects with the aim of transforming waste in resources and to raise awareness on environmental issues.

At the end of each competition are awarded different types of prizes, depending on what objectives the startup has achieved:

  • Best start-up of the B Corp School: the project that more effectively represents the values of the B Corp movement, with strong social and environmental impacts.
  • The B SDGs Award: the project is at the same time innovative, easily scalable, circular, concrete and deals with an obvious problem.
  • The B Green Award: the project that has a strong focus on scarce resources or on combating greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the idea has a high potential for generating positive impacts on the territory.
  • The B Community Award: the project that most of all was able to connect citizens, businesses, local governments, and local authorities.
  • Special mention B Lab and Invento Lab – B corp School: the project represents the principles of sustainability and innovation, responding to a concrete need.

We are very proud of the work we have done so far, that it would never have been possible without our collaborators and schools who have decided to participate in our projects. Until now we have collaborated with about 300 schools in Italy, involving 535 classes and more than 11,000 students between the ages of 11 and 19. As a result of these programs 421 start-ups were created.

Now we look forward to starting the 4th edition of B Corp School, which will begin in February 2021.

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