Circular economy and action for climate change for the youngest changemakers

In collaboration with its partners, InVento Innovation Lab promotes new activities every year, with students as protagonists. In 2021, they created a project that involves primary school children: through a language and methods suitable for students between 5 and 11 years of age, they will address together the green topic of circular economy. 

Primary school is as if it represents the debut in society; children come into contact with new realities, they begin to have some responsibilities like study and homework, they are introduced to how their community works, and much more. Nevertheless, they are still buds full of dreams and fantasy, which is in the hands of families and institutions to make them bloom. That is why it is important to raise awareness among the youngest on issues such as the circular economy, because if we want to change society we must also involve those who represent our future.

M’InVento una giocostoria

Literally “I InVent a GameStory”, is the first series of interactive podcasts on the UN Sdgs for children who want to become superheroes for the planet. Through listening to the six stories, at home or outdoors, with music, poems, ballets and lots of creativity, children acquire the awareness of the role that each of us has in sustainable development becoming protagonists of the history of which they will choose the final. These little superheroes will protect the earth, learning to apply the circular economy, what climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda are and the importance of ensuring health and well-being for all.

This Podcast series was used in the project Mi Differenzio Anch’io! Young! 

This project was attended by primary school students who, through meetings with Venti Sostenibili and InVento Lab teams, actively deepened and reflected on the issues that concern Circular Economy and Sustainability. Then, with their teachers and after listening to podcasts, the children put into practice the circular economy: starting from the reality that surrounds them they analyzed the problem of waste and then, they created objects with reusable materials, learned choreographies and poems that reflect on these themes.

These paths are designed specifically for the youngest: through games and fantasy they are introduced to the sustainable world, in order to become ambassadors of the Circular Economy

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