The B Corp School project, the fourth edition of which has recently come to an end, opens a new thrilling chapter: the B Corp School Board, made of exceptional Advisors and Ambassadors from the international B Corp scenario, who will dedicate their time and experience to enhance the project’s potential and positive impact.

Board Members are in fact engaged in the strategic development of B Corp School, contributing first hand to the creation of value and the education of future changemakers, also and especially on an international level.

“It’s an open Board, where professionals and companies who wish to contribute to consolidate and enhance the B Corp School project are always welcome”, explains Giulia Detomati, CEO of InVento Lab, the B Corp that created the project. “We are honoured to be supported by such important experts from the B Corp world, determined and dedicated to generating positive impact just like we are at InVento Lab, and who will provide the changemakers of tomorrow with practical tools to make a tangible, sustainable and regenerative change”.

As of today, InVento Lab has reached more than 18.600 students, supported by more than 1.100 teachers. The intention is to progressively reach more students and teachers, bringing B Corp values to schools and universities all over Europe, generating virtuous bridges between the world of education and that of work.

What is B Corp School?

B Corp School and B Corp School Young are the first education projects on environmental sustainability and B Corp entrepreneurship that connect benefit corporations with schools to spread B Corp values. InVento Lab, together with expert mentors belonging to the world of sustainable entrepreneurship, guides teams of students through the creation of B startups. B Corp School students are engaged in answering global environmental challenges and needs of specific territories, according to the logic of think globally, act locally.

The B Corp School Board, officially announced in the past few days, has the goal of supporting InVento Lab in the development of the potential of this remarkable project, contributing first hand to the creation of value for future changemakers.

Elisabetta Illy, founder of Picture of Change and B Corp School Board Member: «Today’s challenges are huge, we have to start from the resources we already have and try to optimize them. At the same time, we must dare, experiment, take calculated risks. We have to climb the mountain, reach the summit. And we surely cannot think of facing this challenge alone. The only way to create systems is to work as a team. We can’t wait for others to do it any longer”. 

Giulia Detomati, CEO of InVento Lab, comments: “The B Corp movement is growing, as well as B Corp School numbers, thanks to companies that support the project, that have chosen sustainability as main theme and that believe in involving new generations. On behalf of the InVento Lab team, I’d like to thank all those who made B Corp School and B Corp School Young possibile, as well as the Members of this new exceptional Board, that represents for us both a priceless finish line and an invaluable starting point”.

Paolo Braguzzi, B Corp expert and B Corp School Board Advisor: “Listening to, before judging, the business ideas of B Corp School students, is an experience that strengthens the trust in the possibility to make innovative and sustainable businesses”.

Davide Bonassi, B Corp School Mentor, comments: “Working on a project with Gen Z youth is a great fortune. They’re a window on the future towards which we are rapidly rushing, given the great environmental and economical challenges that we have to face”.

For companies and experts who wish to support B Corp School or to join the Board, please feel free to contact InVento Lab at [email protected].

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